Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Conjuring

Family moves into a haunted house. The kids and mother all start experiencing supernatural things. The Warren's are called in to help. Yadda yadda happy ending.

That being said, let me tell you what I liked about the film. One of the cooler horror stories that's a part of this film is about the haunted doll named Annabelle. It was in the beginning of the movie, and the end of the movie. Though the doll in the movie is not the actual Annabelle doll (obviously) it doesn't even look like it. I'm assuming because the Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Anne doll that they would've been sued out the buttocks for that.

For the full story on Annabelle go here.

I was immediately interested in seeing regardless of how similar it may have been to other horror films. I've been fascinated with the Warren's work ever since I found out they were apart of the Amityville stuff a long long time ago.

I won't go into too much detail about the film, but I will say it starts off slow. The beginning of the film is awesome because it shows a bit of the Annabelle story, which kind of introduces you to the Warren's in the film. Through the first half you meet the Perron family, and experience what they go through. The Warren's eventually make their way to the house, and all this hooplah happens. Again I don't want to ruin it but I must say that the ending of the film was pretty awesome. James Wan's vision of the story, and the way he directed it was really good. I'm a fan of Insidious (haven't watched the second one yet) and I figured it was James Wan who did this film because Patrick Wilson was in it haha.

I recommend people rent it, or wait for it to go on Netflix. It seems like a film that's headed that way.

I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5 mainly for the ending. If it wasn't about the Warren's, and if the ending didn't interest me, it would've been a 1.

Definitely worth the watch.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Return

Since my last post on November 1st, 2011, I have gone though a lot. As you all know I was taking care of my Grandfather full time, as well as school full time, and that kind of took away from what I loved doing. Unfortunately, on March the 6th, a day after his 81st birthday, my Grandfather passed away. It's been a tough time for my family. Right now we're learning to live again, and we're getting back into the things. It's been a bumpy road, but it's over now. I jumped back onto this site and realized how much I missed doing it. I feel as if my posts were getting sloppier, shorter, and just off topic. I apologize for all of that. I also apologize for any unfinished business from book reviews, and movie reviews that I never got to. I surely had my hands full.

Now I want to get back into this. Full throttle. Balls to the wall! I'm gonna start right where I am now. Not going back into the whole catch up scene (though I might want to go back). There are plenty of things going on, and I need to be on top of EVERYTHING. I'm aiming for at least 1-2 posts per week. I'm also aiming at getting new people on board. I can't do all of this myself!!! A few friends and we're contemplating doing a Youtube channel, as well as a podcast. Don't know how much horror will be a part of either, but it's still cool to check out. I have some cool ideas I've been brainstorming as well.

I hope all of you will enjoy what I have planned. I will be giving this a full go as mentioned before.

I did a bit of editing with the page as you can see. Kind of wanted to start fresh!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UPDATE: AHS, OUAT, GRIMM, and everything else.

American Horror Story is one of the most confusing shows ever. People who are dead, are coming back alive in every episode. My guess is that is that the yard is kind of like Pet Semetary. People who get murdered there, are buried in the yard. They then come back to life and haunt the place.

Did anyone check out Once Upon a Time? It's not scary at all, but the story line is decent. I was hoping for something a little bit more gore-like but I'll take it.

GRIMM premiered on television last Friday. It's another fairy tale story based on Grimm's stories but set in the real world. The acting is shit, but the story line could get better.


More updates to come.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Flyer

This is a flyer I made for a Halloween themed coffee house I will be performing at in a couple of weeks. I did everything from scratch.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Horror Story Review

So FX premiered its AMERICAN HORROR STORY last night and I must say, I really liked it. Aside from a few "what the fuck?" moments, it had some awesome moments.

A family of 3 moves across the country to a haunted mansion-like house in Los Angeles. The house is haunted, go figure. I'm assuming the term AMERICAN HORROR STORY may have made you think about other things like: a Oprah Winfrey sex tape, Barack Obama re-election, or even another Tyler Perry movie involving Momma (or whatever the hell his movies are about) Nope. This was an all around horror/psychological/soft core porn edited show.

So my initial thought going into this show was, "How the hell are the creators of Glee, going to frighten me?" Sure, Brad Falchuk, and Ryan Murphy were the creators of the hit tv show Nip/Tuck, but still, could they be able to pull off a horror show. Watching AHS, reminded me a lot of other horror movies. The movie instantly has a feeling of the Shining, the Others, there was even a hint of "It" in there that's not even worth mentioning but I did anyway. The "It" scene was when the old lady and the mother were drinking tea at the table. I just keep thinking of that eerie scene in "It" where Bev goes back to her old house and the old lady invites her in blahh blah blah, you get it. The beginning of the show might confuse you, it still confuses me. The story started off too fast. I understand the husband got caught cheating and then the lady attacked him with the knife and the next thing you know they're driving to Los Angeles to a new home. It kind of felt like that whole scene where the guy was caught cheating was just a psychological problem with the lady and that the scene may have been an illusion or dream. I don't know.

What I liked:

What I liked about the show was the horror movie feeling it brought to the table. There were some instances where I actually was creeped out. The opening of the show really caught my attention. I love the creepy down syndrome girl (no down syndrome hate here) cause her 4-5 lines through out the movie made me laugh but also tweak. I don't know why, but it's the crazy mentally challenged little girls who also know their shit about haunted houses. Like she fore warned the ginger kids not to go in the haunted house but they did anyway! I liked psychological aspect of the show as well. I like how the husband sees the caretaker as an attractive young woman, but the wife sees her as old an unattractive. It kind of feeds off of what they both expect. The husbands been caught cheating before, so maybe it's what he wants to see. I don't know. I also liked the fucked up teenager kid who's like semi human and semi creature. He was the one who scared that girl in the basement with the lights all flickering. The half burnt face man was a fast runner. I have a feeling we're not done seeing him yet. He seems like one of those characters who will come back and try to help out the family. His character is pretty wicked and morbid as well. I'm still trying to get a feel for the house itself. It seems like we'll learn more about it in future episodes along with the daughter who really has no purpose thus far other than being a bitch, and cutting herself. She appears at the most random times.

What I didn't like:

There were quite a few "what the fuck" moments for sure. First off, why did we have to see a guy masturbate in his room. I don't object to the maid though haha. Also, who the fuck whacks it while standing in front of a window while the creepy burnt face man watches from the laundry area of the backyard? That scene just came out of no where. As mentioned before, the show kind of started off really fast. Like it went from haunted houses, to a lady catching her husband cheating, and then they're moving. I doubt it would have made sense to slow it down a bit because if he cheated, the only thing the show would do is show scenes of their lives while dealing with the incident and that would be boring. I probably wouldn't want to continue watching the show if that happened. I don't know how I feel about the man in the black leather suit either. I see the posters for the show and it shows the pregnant mom and the man in the black leather that may or may not be the husband. All I'm saying is that this show better not stretch out into the completely weird zone. Like I don't want it to go from horror to the show Lost. I love Lost, but this is horror, not science fiction.

This show has potential. We've seen some awesome things from the first episode and I'm sure that there's more to come. These Gleetard writers have surely surprised me with the pilot. When I talked about the influence of other past horror stories and then it hit me. The title of the show explains it all. As long as the show doesn't end with a giant spider, it'll be good.

- Troll Hunter movie review
- Dr. Austins book review
- Weird NJ issue #37 review
- Cool things around NJ during October photo album.

Where I've been

Well I can't say that I've been completely focused on what I love to do. The past Summer was truly a stressful time for me. Between my mother being sick, grandfather being sick (in which I volunteered to be a caretaker for), trying to graduate college, and just dealing with my diet. I also started doing stand up comedy again and have been doing some shows here and there. I have not gotten the time to watch movies, shows, read books, comics, or anything that I enjoyed doing. But let's face it, it's October and I will definitely have a lot on my plate this month. I am re-reading Dr. Austin's book. I don't know if he reads my blog but I owe that man a book review before he writes another text book haha. I also have a review on FX's American Horror Story episode 1 today (I don't professionally review them of course, I just complain or make fun). I do intend on setting up a horror movie weekend review with my friends every Saturday. I have some creepy pictures that I want to post to the site that I've been taking with my camera. Also, for anyone that is interested, I'll be reviewing the new Weird NJ magazine. I've also thought about reading the Weird series of books like: Weird NJ 1 and 2, Weird Pennsylvania, Weird Ohio, Weird NY etc...

I want to apologize to every single person who reads this blog. Even if it's 4 people, I'm sorry. Things happen and sometimes we don't have full control over it. Never dwell on the negative though. I'm here, I'm writing, and that's all that matters.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Astral Projections are INSIDIOUS


Yeah I bought the movie on Blu Ray because any movie that claims to be the scariest movie since the Exorcist is making quite a bold statement. Basically what they're saying is that it's been 38 years since anyone has shit their pants while watching a horror flick and I totally disagree.

Wait, do I disagree?

So the film starts off rather slow. I mean I wasn't screaming or crying in the first 5 minutes of the movie, so that fucking movie was slow.

just kidding.


I was easily convinced by one commercial that I wanted to see this movie. Friends had compared it to other films like the Omen, Amityville, Big... just kidding. Not BIG haha. I had liked the Amityville remake a lot and disliked the 5 hour long old version of the movie. This movie ran 97 minutes I believe but felt a bit longer than that.

Upon the opening 10 minutes I kind of had an idea of where this movie was going. Guessing from the cover, the kid was some kind of demon retard with an obsession for Cocoa Puffs. I was dead wrong actually. Long story short, the kid is an astral projector (which is different from nocturnal emissions). This means he leaves his body while he sleeps. The child named Dalton goes a bit too far when he astral projects and enters a dark realm where evil spirits try to possess his body. Since astral projection and outer body experiences are documented by Wikipedia as a real thing, I thought this was a cool concept for a movie.

This movie had its ups and downs. I personally thought there were enough creative ideas that could have turned this movie into something really scary. It seemed like writer and James Wan focused more on the jump scenes than the actual material revolving around the story line.

The make up and design of the dead and creature like people were awesome. The main evil hooved guy kind of reminded me of Darth Maul from the Star Wars movies. I liked the old lady who was apart of Dalton's fathers childhood. You'll see more. The design of everything was perfect.

I don't feel as if the scenes flowed well together. In the beginning it seemed like things just jumped to quickly. When Dalton goes to the hospital I think they said it's been a week since he was in a coma. I think they should have added some haunted scenarios during that week while he was away. I don't know, just my opinion.

I think the music and sounds were awesome in this movie. The music on the record player where the lady sings about tulips and the little boy dancing inside the house really creeped me out. It's on Youtube, it's quite funny and eerie.

The ending was pretty cool. The psychic lady definitely went ape shit on Dalton's father.

So should you see this movie? I don't know what to think of it. It's still running through my mind. I haven't really given a horror movie a chance in a while and this movie was pretty decent. It wasn't perfect. I made a lot of funny comments during the movie cause there were just things you couldn't help but laugh at. Definitely give it a shot.