Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shooting Zombies in VEGAS!!!!

Hello fellow friends!!!!!!!!!

Just a real quick post here. If you're a Youtube channel internetard like I am, then you'd probably know who Charles Trippy and Ali Speed (aka Internet Killed Television). I've been a fan of these guys for a little over a year now and just recently they took a trip to Las Vegas for Alli's 21st birthday party. While they were down there, they came across this gun shop that had all kinds of cool guns you could shoot. They had the average guns we know of to high tech guns, and guns dating all the way back from World War 2! In the shooting range they let you pick a gun package and your own target to shoot at! There were tons of zombies, zombie clowns, murderers, terrorists, etc... but of course being the professionals that they are, they chose the zombie package!

Watch below!!!

Definitely looks like a good time, and I'm definitely hitting that place up when I go to Las Vegas. It just might be the only chance I'll ever get to take a shot at a zombie... til the apocalypse comes!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Friday the 13th's aren't as cool as they used to be though. I remember back in the day (early 90's era) when they used to play a lot, and I mean A LOT of horror movies on all channels to celebrate Friday the 13th. I mean some people think it's only fitting to watch the Friday the 13th movies, but not me.

I'll throw a quick random list out there for you, maybe to help you mix it up a bit!

This was a cool movie I picked up at Blockbuster video back when it was cool to rent vhs tapes. It's a little under budgeted but it has Clint Howard (Ron Howards brother) in it and that guy is awesome. He's played in like 300 something movies I think... I dunno, but check this movie out if you can.

The sequel to Sam Raimi's first amazing movie, The Evil Dead. The reason I picked the 2nd one is because it's my personal favorite of the 3 movies, and it introduces you to the chainsaw hand, and it's the prequel to Army of Darkness.

It looks like I'm picking sequels here haha. I'm not! I thought the first Poltergeist was the best of the 3 but the 2nd movie has Kane. Kane is the evil man with the big toothy grin who's always walking along the sidewalks singing some song. He eventually goes to the house and wants to see Carol Ann but of course they make him leave. And how could you not be creeped out by that midget lady?

I don't think I need to explain this movie at all. This was an awesome movie to watch on Friday the 13th. It never gets old. Klowns from outer space, killing people, and stuffiing them into human size cotton candy bags. AWESOME!

Ok I wasn't making this mini list without a zombie movie. It's debatable whether or not you'd want to consider these creatures zombie like, but all I'm saying is the kid who put a bullet through his head comes back haha. Whatever, this movie seems like it's been sitting on the shelf for a while, and it's definitely not one to ignore for too long. It's the better movie of the Grindhouse series so give throw it in the mix!

Not the greatest movie selection for a Friday the 13th night but no one said you had to listen to me!!!!

Eyes shrink to pinpoints,
The deeply crimson scent flooding flaring nostrils.
There is a madness in the metallic tang
Which overwhelms her
Swallowing her up.
With numb, uncaring fingers
She claims her prize.

By. Rebecca Brown


So I think I might have posted something on here or on Facebook about a Zombie Walk in the state of New Jersey and I didn't know if it was going to happen or not until my friend showed me a flyer that was being handed out at the Mayhem Festival. Well they're doing a Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey on October 30th. The cool thing about this though is that it's actually all part of "ZombieCon" I think this is the first zombie convention that I've heard of and that's so fucking cool!

Anyways, I requested a single merchandise table even though I'm not selling anything. I was going to set up a table with some free Zombie Digest stickers and buttons if they filled out the mailing list shit and took a flyer. There will eventually be merchandise stuff like that. Hopefully switching this site over to a too. Wouldn't that be friggin sweet? Soon soon soon. I'm just happy to see my state doing something so cool other than womens golfing tournaments and people making a big deal about Snooki sightings.

Until next time


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

UPDATE August 3, 2010


Ok so it's been a while since I did a small update. I did the book review and then I introduced a new writer to our page, Rebecca L Brown. She's a very talented writer and I'm very ecstatic that she's going to be writing and contributing to the page. I originally thought her first post was a created story of her own but it ended being true, which was awesome. It just goes to show that she's writes well.


So I may have or may not have talked about this in the past. If I have just read it again damnit! I don't know if anyone knows about the old 80's and 90's horror film collection called NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2. If you went to blockbuster in the early 90's then you'd know these movies were a smash hit in the horror section. Every week I'd go to rent one and they'd either be gone or the dude at Blockbuster video wouldn't let me rent it because I was only 7 years old.

The first movie was about a bunch of teens who are all dressed up for halloween and are ready to party. They end up choosing an abandoned funeral home called Hull House to throw the party at. The kids start to party, people turn into demons, and people die. That's about it.

There weren't any big named actors except for the blonde chick in the second one. I don't know her name off the bat but she's married to Ben Stiller. The first NOTD seemed low budgeted and poorly shot with terrible voice overs in some spots. BUT!!!! the movie had some awesome make work to it. I eventually watched both on Halloween one year because they played both movies back to back.

ANYWAYS......... They filmed a remake in 2008/2009 and it's finally being released in October. Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) is going to be playing the main demon girl named Angela and Edward Furlong (American History X and Terminator 2) has some kind of role in it as well. I'm hoping the writers stuck with the story and didn't use any cheesy CGI to ruin the movie. Too many movies rely on CGI. There is no word whether it will be released on DVD right away or if it will be put into select theaters. Originally it was supposed to be DVD release but being that they're waiting for October, it could have a theatrical presentation.

Nothing crazy going on right now. I was under the weather for a few weeks with migraines. Long story short, I did something stupid and paid the price. But I'm feeling better so it's fine. Expect some more posts from me soon and definitely Rebecca as well.

btw is anyone going to this in NJ?