Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm an idiot. You knew this. How's life?

Excuse my last post that I deleted because I thought it was the new Amity movie trailer, but it was just a bunch of clips put together and taped from a camera phone. This camera phone made it looking like it was being taped from a movie theater. The footage was actually part of the Haunting in Connecticut movie (which I never ever ever ever gave two shits about seeing) and yeah...

I fell for a fucking Youtube video...

I'll carry on.

So I've been busy still. I've been helping my mother take care of my Grandfather who's been in and out of the hospital. Between that, school, doctors, dieting, friends, life, I haven't been able to catch up on this site. I haven't watched any horror movies, played any games or even caught up on any kind of horror news. I did however purchase the recent SciFi Now magazine to read about the upcoming Season 2 of the Walking Dead. I'm kind of excited for it but at the same time as a fan of the comics it just seems like the storyline of that show is going to go by so slow.

but I'm patient.

Currently did read Vol. 14 of the Walking Dead last night and I must say I'm quite shocked but happy. It's a slow moving volume but it's action packed by far.


So I had a comment on the post from April by a man named Doctor Austin. He is sending me a book to do a review on and I can't wait. My lack of attendance on this is terrible and I didn't see Doctor Austins comment until today which was posted 2 months ago.

So I went out and bought $3600 of filming equipment this past week. Decided that if I'm not going to film school then I'm going to school myself with filming equipment... does that make sense? I wanted to do something with film, writing, and I know I have the ability to do on my own without any kind of restraints. I bought a Canon Rebel T3i/600D SLR camera. I had gotten a student discount on Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium that has Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and a bunch of other Adobe programs. Then I bought a Macbook pro for strictly editing, and whatever else that's filming related. I still have to warm up and learn how to use all the Adobe programs the right way and then I'll be on my way to making independent movies, skits, band promos, etc... I do plan on making a zombie movie. That's going to be down the road some time and it's more of a reality now than it's ever been thanks to the quality of equipment I have and Adobe After Effects which can really spiffy up my films.

Also, I'm going to be adding photos in this blog of creepy things I find on the way to places in New Jersey. I know on the way to Atlantic City there are a lot of old creepy haunted looking places when we drive through town. Absecon, NJ alone is full of old watch port houses from the early 1900's. It's creepy but cool. I'll be going to random Weird NJ places as well. For those of you who don't know what Weird NJ is, it's a magazine that's put out every October and May that consists of any and everything weird in NJ. Whether it be haunted, UFO's, weird people, weird habits, etc... it's all there. The guys Mark and Mark had/have a show called Weird Travels where they do the same exact thing they do in NJ but all over the United States.

Expect videos and awesome pics soon!