Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost a month later...

I'm starting to suck at posting shit. Right now I should be doing my homework but I've found other useful things to talk about.

Fact or Faked

So I've been watching this show on the Scifi channel... oops I mean SyFy channel. I remember seeing this show a while back possibly. I remember something about them trying to find Bigfoot and then trying to recreate footage that was taken a decade back. Most of the episodes I have seen include the group of people debunking these things with little experiments. Retarded experiments might I had.

The Bigfoot footage was debunked by simply dressing one of the crew members in a gorilla suit and letting him run the same route as bigfoot did in the footage. Same place, same path. The runner ran as fast as bigfoot did. This debunked the Bigfoot case. That's it? Really? I don't believe in Bigfoot myself but c'mon, how does that prove anything? Cause you run as fast as Bigfoot means that it was fake?

Then there's this video of a black looking witch type figure flying over hills in Mexico. They tried zip lines, jet packs, string on a bag of balloons and finally they took the motor from a flying toy helicopter and attached the string to the balloons and that is how they debunked the figure. Some random resident lady knew how to take apart a toy helicopter and create the same thing they did? Stupid! I don't believe the tape was real, but again these idiots think they're debunking something when they're not.

I love how the one episode the guy swears he seen an alien rip his dogs face apart in the woods where he was hunting. He then staged a tape of where he beat the fake alien in the back of the head and made it bleed. He made another video tape of bringing the alien back to his home and I guess gave it an autopsy while it was still alive. They debunked this by recreating the alien and it's ship out of hollywood items (cause you and I both know that kind of stuff is available all over the world for every day people to buy). Again, I don't believe in aliens but the way they debunked this is by using some type of voice radar machine that tells if people are lying or not. Obviously it was something created from the show to prove these things wrong.

Anyone ever hear of CGI? or video editing equipment? Regardless I still watch the show to see some of the ridiculous things they come up with.


So one of these days I'm gonna get to kill some zombies with the dudes from "You've Got Dead on You". If you're reading this then I'm sure you know who those guys are and you love love love love love love them! I do, but they'd probably hate me if I told them I'm about 10-11 episodes behind them. I can't find my iPod which means I haven't been able to listen to them during my daily routines. No excuses! It's just hard to carry around a laptop and do something else at the same time! Recently they've been posting Youtube videos of Left 4 Dead sessions. You can go here
and watch all of Jason Hall's video game awesomeness! Check out Jay and Craigs Left 4 Dead sessions first though. Hopefully my Left 4 Dead session will be taped so I can show how truly unreliable I am at keeping my team safe!

Where have I been?

With my lack of site updates and all I feel really bad. I've been on a diet, been seeing a nutritionist, surgeon, and a personal trainer. I've been busy with school, helping my mom out, and all other things. I've just been a busy person. I've been currently beating older Resident Evil games for the PS2 (RE:4, Outbreak, Code Veronica). I've been reading this NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD graphic novel and it's pretty awesome. I've been on a old school wrestling tirade and it's just never ending! But I will be back with more to offer I promise!