Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Harry Potter a horror movie yet? No? Oh well, too bad!

Yes that's a serious question!

Deathly Hallows definitely sounds like it could have something horror ish, to it, right? I didn't read the books although I wanted to. I was too busy doing important things like beating every Silent Hill game or Resident Evil game known to man. Resident Evil 1, 2 and 5 are the only ones I ever finished haha.

What gets me is that the movie Twilight shares the horror section with many other classics at any place that sells DVD's. Horror? Twilight? NO! I've complained about this before and it just annoys me! Like when I found all the JAWS movies in the action section at Best Buy and had a 3 minute argument with an employee who apparently took his half ass stock boy job of perfecting the genre of movies way too seriously. Jaws isn't an action movie you shit head. There's really only one action packed scene. Quint goes down in Jaws' is mouth, Brody stuffs Jaws' mouth with scuba tank, Brody shoots scuba tank, shark goes KABOOM, and chunks of shark meat sink to the bottom of the ocean.

btw... jobs at Best Buy are cool, but you suck if you can't label movies!

Is anyone interested in ghosts? I'm starting a ghost rant.

All my life I've been fascinated with the paranormal. I know the term "paranormal" stretches for miles in meanings but the meaning for me would just be ghosts. A lot of times people see things that are unexplainable and assume that it could have been a ghost, or something else. I know there's skeptics out there who just don't believe in anything like that. If they seen something that was completely unexplainable they'd think of a million different things before they'd say it was a ghost. Maybe because 99% of the things they were thinking of have been proven to be real? Whatever, I believe in ghosts and over the years I've had my fair share of unexplainable happenings.

I'd like to share some with you.

...this is where you'll probably stop reading haha.

-When I was young, around 8 or 9 years old I had always sensed something in my house. I know that a few yards back behind my house they had found a dead body from the town of Newark. They even named the hill, Dead Mans Hill. When I would wake up like early in the mornings I always looked out my back window to see if it was raining, snowing, sunshine, etc... There were times where I would see a black figure walking. Maybe it was because I had just woken up and my eyes weren't fully functioning, I dunno. BUT, there were also times where I'd be watching television downstairs and all of a sudden hear typing on my computer. The back room is the furthest place towards the backyard where I had seen the figure. There were often times where the printer would go off by itself too. The weird thing was is that nothing was even turned on. Back in the day we had one of these boards where you connected the the printer, monitor, mother board, and anything else in that area to it so all you had to do was hit one button to power everything up.

-My family and I have a tradition? every year where we go camping in Virginia. I did this the first 18 years of my life. We all stopped going after my grandmother passed away, but our last year there, we saw something we still talk about to this day. About 8 years ago we were in Virginia at a campground called Cherrystone. The whole area surrounding this campground wasn't a packed area. It was really low income housing, there were maybe few neighborhoods and a little town with a lawn shop, pharmacy, restaurant, and a food store. I guess you could say it was a poor town. The campsite itself looked way nicer. The people in the surrounding towns were so generous. Some of the nicest people I'd ever meet. It's not like arrogant pricks in Jersey, these Virginian people had manners, and treated you with respect and kindness. We would always take rides down the back roads of the Cheriton town. There were a lot of old creepy looking buildings and schools that were just abandoned. The one day we drove down the back road. This was a longggggg road. We ended up on this court which made it easier to turn around. There were these really old houses. They all had watch towers in them but they looked like they had been painted up nicely to look new. I'm guessing since it was by the Chesapeake Bay, that it was probably a port for the people that lived there at one time. We were leaving the court street thingy and we saw an old lady in her backyard watering flowers. She was just standing there, and she looked pretty strange. She had grey skin and it honest to God looked like she didn't have eyes. Maybe they were small and squinty, I dunno. But we all looked at each other for a split second and when we looked back, she was gone. She literally vanished into nothing. There were no doors close enough for her to fly into like speedy Gonzalez. That was one of the eeriest things I had ever seen. Also down the road from that place is an abandoned school where kids were murdered over racism. Happened in the 60's I believed.

Weird things! But I believe in what I saw.

I'm making a horror movie called Purehell. It's about a hand sanitizer that's going to turn people into zombies. Get it? Purell, Purehell? No? That's kind of retarded, I know.

I just bought the Undead Nightmare download for the Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 game and it's quite awesome! It is a zombie game, and it's pretty much Grand Theft Auto in midwestern times, with a zombie outbreak. If only they could do GTA V as a zombie apocalypse in New York. Imagine that? The weapons cheat + car cheat + missions + hordes and hordes of zombies + the amount of free time I'll force my self to have to play this kind of game = boring life... YESSSSSSSSSSSS I RULE!!!

I had more to write but I think I'll save that for Wednesday or Thursday for my Spectacular Turkey Thanksgiving Survival Rundown. I'll give you a full serving of 4 different survival tips around thanksgiving...

who the hell am I to be giving people tips about ANYTHING?!?!?!?!

enjoy and keep surviving.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This shit is shorter than Gary Coleman

Is there anything I really want to talk about?

Just spent 3 awesome, funtacular, expensive days in Atlantic City. As I was sitting at the Black Jack table I glanced at the cashier section, then I looked at my surroundings... it was then I realized that this casino is full of living, non flesh eating, normal human beings. I was temped to pick up a chair and use it was a weapon. I walked around every slot machine to see if there was a bunch of $100 bills on the ground. There were no swords or guitars on the walls. Plenty of booze though.

And that is how you know I've played Dead Rising 2, too much.

So hopefully everyone has been watching the AMC series, "The Walking Dead". I'm madly in love. Everything about this show captures the beginning volumes of the comic book series. I just got done watching episode 2 and I was a bit confused. In the scene where Rick and Glenn cover themselves in blood, guts, flesh, limbs, etc... I didn't know that was in the beginning. I thought that was later on in the story where Glenn and Rick realize that they were running low on ammo so they went into town. I guess the TV show is trying to cram certain things into one episode but yet they're taking more than two episodes to for Rick to find Lori and Carl. Who cares, right? The show is fucking awesome and I love it. They're releasing Vol. 13 the day before Thanksgiving. I hate waiting!

I tried getting room 1408 in the hotel room and the front desk lady acted all retarded when I told her my reason.

ME: There's a movie based on a Stephen King short story called 1408 where people go into the room and end up killing themselves... no one ever makes it out alive.

Front Desk Wench: Ummm... okay... wellllllll that room is taken. I apologize for your personal requests not being met. There is a 14008, but that will not be ready until around 3 pm... I don't know if it's suicide free.

ME: Just give me the fastest room in the Marina tower.