Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zombie LEGS

As all of you zombie fans know, there are various types of zombies in each movie that we see. I'm aware of the looks and all the other characteristics of zombies, but right now I'm focused on their legs and feet.

When zombies were first introduced to us they were slow and victims found it easier to get away from them. A fresh pair of running legs was your ticket to not being some dead human's dinner. Although in movies it seemed like no matter how fast the person would run, the slow fucking zombies always caught up.

The slow zombie is what I liked... maybe because I'm fat but that's completely irrelevant haha. I liked the typical arms up like Superman and the slow walk with the head tilted zombie. Whether or not they say "brains" is completely up to them.

The slow walking zombie makes a lot more sense. Their muscles have deteriorated and their fragile. It's like if they go any faster they'll crumble into dust.

I guess we can call them grave zombies? Grave zombies compared to the other zombies.

The zombies I hate are the zombies like in 28 Days Later and Zombieland. It's most likely cause they're fast and yes of course the #1 rule in Zombieland is Cardio. That means I'm fucked ladies and gentleman.

Zombies run fast though? What the fuck is that? I love those movies but c'mon. I know zombie movies can get a little bit repetetive and that it's always good to see something different. Why take out the fat people though haha? It's bad enough we can't be seated in a plane unless we pay for two seats. DOINKS!!!!!

shinfo, I know

Anyways. I'm not really angry about airplanes. I refuse to fly. FLIGHT of the LIVING DEAD, hello??!?!?

Anyways. Zombies who run fast obviously have a higher advantage from your typical grave zombies. It's kind of like getting mauled by a tiger, right Roy? OUCH stingggg!! Zombies that can run fast and maul humans and eat their flesh is probably a lot scarier than the slow moving zombie. If I see something walking towards me ready to eat me then I have a chance to drive away. If they run after me...

fuck it, aim for the brain.

Zombie Digest

Welcome to the Zombie Digest blog. My name is Arthur Kelly and I have a slight obsession with anything zombie related. I know there are a lot of hardcore zombie fanatics in the world who would destroy me when it comes to showing true zombie passion. Dressing up and doing zombie walks isn't going to get you anywhere when the zombies take over (if they take over). Zombie's aren't stupid, SLOW but not stupid. That whole acting like a zombie thing in "Shaun of the Dead" will never ever work. They know the smell and aura of fresh flesh.

The purpose of this blog is to share any kind of zombie thoughts that come across my twisted brain. It could be about music, movies, video games, news all involving something with zombies. I'm sure this isn't the only zombie blogger out there. I didn't really check. I know a few haven't been updated since 2007. We can't have people slacking, can we?

Didn't think so.

Arty K