Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rite, right? Am I right? Rite... Right.. well the movie looks good!

The Rite!

That movie actually looks pretty damn good. I keep seeing previews for it and I think for the first time in a VERY long time I'm going to see a movie in theaters. The last movie I went to see at a movie theater was Zombieland. So yeah, it's been quite a while.

Judging by the previews they director/writer/producer/whoever, is trying to capture the aura of the Exorcist. I'm pretty sure if you've seen the trailer then you've already gathered that. It also kind of reminds me of the movie Stigmata, which I absolutely loved but still gets to me.

The movie is based on true events. It's based on the book The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio (thank you Wikipedia).

I like movies that deal with things like demons, and exorcisms. I guess it's the reality of the movie is what keeps me interested. Anthony Hopkins as we all know is a phenomenal actor (you'd know this if you've seen any movies with Hannibal Lector). It should be a good movie, I'm hoping to catch it Monday or Tuesday night when I have time.

Don't know if I mentioned this but I picked up The Last Exorcism but haven't watched it yet. I also just picked up the Piranha blu ray cause I'm an idiot. I've been wanting to see the Village as well. I just haven't had time to do anything lately. January has been a busy month for me so far. So much going on and I know my very few readers probably think I quit doing the blog. I'm currently starting up a Youtube page and doing review videos (cause we all know how original that is). I would review movies, comics, music, and video games. Another thing on my to do list.
I know I said I was going to post a million other things but I just haven't gotten to them. If it's important I'll post it haha.

New blogs in the coming days, I promise.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shock and Fucking Terror

I'm about to waste more of your time.

I'm writing yet ANOTHER movie script. This genre is horror. My plan is to finish more than 3 pages with this. It would be a personal record of mine actually. I'm tired not finishing projects. I don't know what it's gonna be about, but I know there won't be vampires in it. There probably won't even be zombies in it. I want to take 5 categories of horror films that I love and mash them up all into one. Of course I'll make my own plot and story, I just want to use some kind of substance from them. I'm hoping someone would read it when I'm half way done and give me some tips. This time I'm going to brainstorm this out for at least 2 months before I even lay a finger the keyboard and start my rough draft.

The movies that will inspire my writing... hmm.

1. Stigmata/The Exorcism of Emily Rose/The Exorcist: Exorcism movies are awesome. It's something that has actually happened in the world. Whether people believe in this or not, it's documented by the Vatican. The realism of exorcisms have always creeped me out since I was young. From the movies I mentioned, to watching episodes of exorcisms on Unsolved Mysteries, all of this must be incorporated.

2. IT/Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Fucking clowns! These things are fucking evil! I don't care if they give you balloons and want to be your friend! They are the devil. It was always a great movie to the very ending with the stupid spider thing. Killer Klowns is a classic and they always freaked me out. I'm not including anything clowns from space, just clowns in general. Another thing from my child hood I hated. I remember when family members had clowns at my cousins birthday parties, it was never a happy time for me. Instead I spent my time plotting an strategy incase the clown turns on us and tries to kill everyone. Wiffle ball bats, plastic forks and knifes, and a basketball were my weapons of choice then. I remember seeing clowns at Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest. I hated those shits. So it's important to add clowns.

3. Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street/Halloween: Of course these have to play a part. They are the core of horror movies. Whenever you walk alone in the dark and hear any kind of noise, you immediately think it's one of these 3 guys. No matter how fast you run, no matter how far you run, these guys travel fast. Freddy is already implanted in your dreams so you better be drinking caffeine while you're running.

4. Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness/My Name is Bruce/Zombieland: In my script I'm going to need that one so called hero. Now Ash wasn't a hero until Army of Darkness if you ask me, but he was the bad ass good guy. I'd like to have someone with the same attitude and awesomeness as Ash without the character being Ash. I don't want this script/movie to have some kind of teenage emo looking kid who waves his fucking wand and eliminates the demon. I want this to be a bad ass character kind of like Tallahassee in Zombieland. A ruthless, dirty mouth, ass kicking mother fucker... There will also be a group of some kind of ass kicking bandits along with this character.

5. JAWS/JAWS 2: I don't really know how to place Jaws in the mix. Jaws just scared me as a kid. The shock and terror that it brought to millions of people is well worth the addiction.

So we have the realistic movie with the exorcism and such. We have evil clowns. There's the mass murderers of the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and today (in which is the fear that the terror is always right behind you). We have the bad ass potential hero and the one who will fight the terror and evil clowns (if I choose to use clowns). And then there's the shock and terror like Jaws gave. Some thing new and dangerous.

Ok, I'm gonna be honest here. I suck at writing things. This is something I'm truly going to give my all. Something I will not hurry up with for the simple fact that I want it to be perfect. The more time spent on it, the better it can become.

As far as zombie movies? I'm not even going to try to step in Master Romero's shoes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mean Gein

One of the craziest bastards I've ever read about is a man by the name of Ed Gein. If you've seen movies like, "Silence of the Lambs", "Psycho", and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" then you'd have an idea of where I might be going with this.

Ed Gein, also know as the, "Butcher of Plainfield" was one the worlds most sickest, demented, calm, fucked up murderers ever. In the book, "Deviant" by Harold Scheckter he tells about the early life of Gein and his family. Ed Gein had this droop over his one eye in which kids made fun of him for it. His mother was a strong Christian woman who was pretty much the blood flow of their family. The father was a lazy POS and he did have a brother but I don't remember much about him.

Gein's mother never let him hangout with girls or have friends so he was really sheltered. His only source of entertainment and fun was reading comic books. These comic books were full of Native American and Nazi's and cannibalism. Of course this is something that sparked Ed Gein's sick future but I also think the mother had a lot to do with that as well.

Gein was obsessed with collecting female body parts. He would collect vaginas, lips, scalps, and he would salt them to preserve them. He Killed larger women and he dug his mothers grave and brought her back to his house and stored her in her original room that was sealed shut and kept clean like the way she had it. This was apparently Gein's plan all along.

Gein also killed his brother. It's not a definite thing but it was something that pointed in his direction even though no one prosecuted him for it. I know that he set these woods on fire and guided his brother through them. When the police came Gein led them right to where his brother died. That kind of made the cops a little suspicious that Ed couldn't find his brother but yet he brought them right to the spot of his body. The cops also noted that Ed's brother had bumps and bruises on his forehead from a rock. There was no way he could've fallen and done that to himself.

One that's really striking about Ed Gein is that he was a calm man. People didn't expect anything like this from him. They said he was nice and quiet. When he was in jail he admitted everything without hesitation. He seemed like a normal man and acted like all was well. Maybe in his head he didn't feel as if he was doing something wrong? It's craziness.

The book "Deviant" is a definite must read. I might have been off with a few things here and there. It's probably one of the best books I've ever read. Also the most fucked up. The book is 100% true and I had to do a lot of research cause some of the things I couldn't believe.

Things like this strike me. I always wondered what things go on inside of a persons head when they want to mutilate someone. As sick and twisted as people like Gein might be, they're definitely interesting individuals.

Go onto Amazon right now and purchase this book!