Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2 Review... FINALLY!!!


Seriously? This movie was more annoying than Gilbert Gottfried singing the National Anthem in Spanish while running around in circles.

The highlight of this movie was the basic mediocre parts of the first film. If I wanted to watch a bunch of people's lives through security cameras I'd become a security guard at A & P. Every time they would show the cameras in the hours of "Dead Time" nothing happened for the first 30 days. Soo fucking lame. I hated it. It made the first movie go from okay to awesome. I do like the connection between the two. I thought that was quite clever. Other than that I didn't like it. Slow moving, typical sound scaring, retarded horror movie.

The parts that were cool was when the dog gets dragged into the room haha. I thought that was funny. The kitchen scene where every thing opens up at once was cool too.

Every time they showed the sidewalk security camera I hoped something cool would happen. Maybe like a munchkin from the Lollipop Guild would go skipping through or something.

What was the fathers deal in the movie? He just didn't believe everything. He blamed everything on the fucking wind right?

Daughter: Dad the door shut by itself
Dad: It was the wind!

Daughter: Dad the pans fell from the ceiling.
Dad: It was the wind!

Daughter: The baby just slid out of his crib by an unseeable force and dragged down the stairs to the basement with no logical explanation.
Dad: It was the wind!

Lastly, the hot chick with the big boobs from the first one somehow walked all the way to their house, in her underwear and tank top, with blood on her shirt, and no one noticed this. That is so awesome.

This movie sucks. They're coming out with a 3rd now. That one's probably going to fucking blow too. Don't waste your time.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resident Evil AFTERLIFE

So this movie sucked. Didn't expect much from it. I just needed something to watch while I ate my chicken stir fry and won ton soup.

I thought the first movie sucked.

The second movie was cool I think.

Then the 3rd movie wasn't terrible... but it kind of blew.

Then there's this movie. I just hate how they tried to mix in the Matrix with a zombie movie. Assholes.

I hated the Matrix btw.

It seems like they make Milla Jovavich's character completely unstoppable. She always defies odds, and manages to escape EVERYTHING. So annoying.

Didn't watch Piranha yet.
Didn't watch Paranormal Activity 2 yet.

I have been super busy.