Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Walking Dead: Book 1 Review

So after reading book 1 of The Walking Dead I have to say that I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting into this graphic novel sooner. I was never able to get my self fully into comics and graphic novels at an earlier age. My friends were not really into them so I never was properly introduced and shown the ropes. I loved watching cartoons of comic book heroes like: X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, etc... but I figured getting into the comic books wouldn't be worth it, especially if I wanted to start from the beginning. There are all kinds of authors, artists, and it just seemed like a lot to follow.

The Walking Dead sparked interest in me when a friend of mine posted a video trailer for the show that's coming out on AMC on Halloween. It kind of reminded me of the 28 Days Later plot.

The book that I've been providing links and pictures of is Book 1. Now there are technically two book ones for this series. There is Book 1 which is the first story, which consists of the first six comics. Then there's book 1 which is the first two stories which consists of comics 1-12. It's really weird to explain how they do it. I guess a little bit of research won't help haha. But it's simple. I rather not explain fully because I'm more than likely to get you over confused with something so little.

I ordered the hard cover book 1 and said I was ordering 1 and 2, but I didn't I wanted to see how the first book went and now I'm kicking myself in the ass. I'm probably going to start buying the individual stories to collect the books as one instead of combining two books in one. The soft covers are the individual stories and the hard covers have cool concept art at the end.

The Walking Dead is a very well written graphic novel. It's a story of survival during a zombie apocalypse. During the first two stories, "Days Gone By" and "Miles Behind Us". The story kind of gives me a Romero feeling. It's not a comical or happy kind of story. It's got a lot of fucked up things going on, and some incidents that surprise you.

The main character is Rick. Rick is a cop who gets shot and falls unconscious and wakes up in a hospital bed. After calling for help, he gets out of his bed only to find out that in his area of the hospital, he is alone. Eventually Rick goes on to find out that not only is the hospital abandoned, but his whole town is as well.

Rick goes back home to find his wife and kid, and they're gone too. Ricks main goal is to find his wife and son, and he won't stop at it until he does.

Rick is the good guy. He kind of reminds of Jack from Lost. He's always trying to do good and help out. If you have or have not read it, you'll eventually see what I mean.

The artwork is awesome even though it's in black and white.

I can't wait to pick up some more books and read them. It's one of those zombie stories where you get a great dosage of drama, action, great artwork and forth. Hopefully the show doesn't stray away from the stories. The stories are definitely good enough and should not be tampered with.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nothing Interesting Today

Let's take a minute to ask ourseves... "Do I have a plan for ZA?"

Sure, it's simple to say that were gonna rob a gun store and get an infinity amount of ammo, and just spray the shit out of some zombies with an AK or a shotgun. Unfortunately that's not how it's going to go at all. In fact, I think it's time for our fellow zombie people to start thinking more creatively than just using guns. We play video games like Dead Rising, we watch movies like Shaun of the Dead, we read all of the zombie novels out there, and we listen to zombie podcasts like You've Got Dead on You. A lot of these media's teach us how to destroy zombies in more unique ways. Search your house for useless things that can be turned into something that can penetrate zombie flesh.


Seriously though...

Gather friends and/or family and then plan this out.


READING THIS: The Walking Dead: Book One

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombie Ants are the Walking Dead!!!!!!!!!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa long time no blog!!!! Sorry guys! I've been busy with some things and yet again been feeling under the weather. I'm feeling pretty good right now so that's all that matters. I've never gone this long (17 days haha) without blogging something.

~There's oh so much to talk about~

Dead Rising 2

I've talked a lot about this game in the past and I was highly anticipating the games release at the end of August. Wellllllllllllll apparently I was completely uninformed that the game was pushed back one more month. Instead of it being released August 31st, it was going to be released on September 28th. BUT, on August 31st they had released a downloadable content called DEAD RISING 2 CASE ZERO for the Xbox 360 (don't know about PS3). This was pretty bad ass. It's not just a demo, it's a full blown game that parts with the actual game that comes out in a few weeks. I was in zombie destroying heaven. The cool thing is, you can create weapons. I took a bat and some nails and made like a Hellraiser Pinhead bat. There's also circular saws that you can throw that can take out a few zombies depending where you throw it. I also got my hands on a drill bit. YES! A fucking drill bit! Unfortunately I didn't fully play the game. I played about 5 minutes of it before I had to go cater to some friends who kept begging me to jump on Call of Duty.

Now just like any popular franchise game that comes out, there's always going to be a special edition or collectors edition with awesome cool accessories that I'm probably never going to need but it's cool to have them anyway kind of thing. Well Dead Rising 2 has 3 different collectors edition sets but only 2 are worth talking about.

Zombrex Collectors Edition

The Zombrex Collectors Set Comes With:

  • Exclusive Two-Disc Steelbook case includes:
    • Dead Rising 2 game disc
    • High-Definition game disc with 83 Minute "Zombrex Dead Rising Sun" motion picture and 24 minute "Making of" featurette
  • Complete box contents include:
    • Steelbook case (described above)
    • Zombrex "Syringe" pen
    • Zombrex "Prescription" notepad (25 pages)
    • Zombrex "Safety" card
    • Zombrex "Prospectus" Sales Brochure (16 pages)
    • Dead Rising 2 Hardback Artbook (48 pages)


    • Dead Rising® 2 for your PS3 or Xbox 360

    • Custom Fortune City Poker Set including:
      • Custom matte black Fortune City Poker Case
      • 100 Fortune City Poker Chips in 4 different colors
      • 2 sets custom blood-stained Fortune City Playing Cards featuring character art
      • 1 blood stained Dealer Chip
      • 5 green Dice
    • Fortune City Visitor Map including ads for Fortune City locations and attractions
    • 1 Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket with code for exclusive Psycho DLC
      costume and skills set
    • One Dead Rising® 2 High Stakes Edition includes a special "golden" ticket redeemable for Burt The Zombie - a 6’ OxMox zombie replica!!
    I ordered both box sets because I'm a fool and I need cool things like poker chip sets and syringe pens. I'll eventually sell one of my Xbox 360 games to someone without all the cool things that come with it.

    Zombrex Collectors Edition is at

    High Stakes Edition is at

    The Earliest Evidence of Zombies

    By Rebecca L. Brown

    Evidence of ‘zombie ants’ dating back forty eight million years has been identified from the Rhine Rift Valley, Germany. The evidence, a series of cuts on fossilised leaves which were recently uncovered by researchers, match those made by modern carpenter ants infected with the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis. This parasitic fungus enters the ants as spores and then alters their behaviour to further it’s own spread and growth before killing off the host and producing more spores. Infected ants bite into the undersides of leaves in specific locations, a behaviour which does not seem to occur in uninfected ants.

    Find out more about these ancient zombie ants and their modern counterparts at
    This Halloween is going to be a very very good one. I was recently informed by a friend that there's going to be a Walking Dead television series. Honestly being the horror fan that I am, I was kind of unfamiliar with the whole Walking Dead comics/books/graphic novels (whatever you want to refer to them as).

    Then I saw this

    As soon as I saw that, I ordered this


    Book One has the first 12 issues, and Book Two has 13-24. I'll eventually order the others but of course, I'll start off with these.

    Well that's it for now guys.