Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Wishing all of my awesome readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I got some pretty awesome gifts from my mom. I'm 25 and still get things under my tree haha. Not as much of course but it's still something I look forward to.

I hope all of you zombie horror fans out there have a great holiday. I wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Freddy VS. Jason VS. Ash and other Comics

I guess I've fallen into a graphic novel phase pit and I can't get out of it! I've been reading tons and tons of graphic novels lately. It was something I've always had an interest in but no one else I hung out with liked comics.

I've been reading: The Walking Dead, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, Locke and Key, Scott Pilgrim, N. by Stephen King, Incognito, Preacher, and Chew.

The book I loved loved loved loved was Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash ::FvJvA::. It was like they took the nonsense from the Freddy vs. Jason movie, wrote a comic sequel to it and made it fucking amazing. See I liked the FvJ, but I still bash it anyway. Adding Ash to the story line was so fucking cool. Pretty much the town where all of Jasons murders occured started to build up the town to forget about all of the Jason events that happened. They just so happened to build an S Mart where Ash works at in Michigan? Minnesota? I forget. But he comes down there and he has to find the book of the dead before Freddy gets it and uses it (which he does). The comic has a lot of great dialogue that really makes Ash and Freddy's characters come alive. I can't recommend this book enough. It's out of print, I found mine at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash for $20 but I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or Ebay.

The one day I was at Barnes and Noble and I came across Book 2 of FvJvA called Dream Warriors. I thought it was the sequel to FvJ and I was about to read it. Then a few days later going up to the Secret Stash and found the original. That was a great day. I'll probably read the second one in the next few days.

Preacher is another good read. It's about a preacher who gets possessed by Genesis which is an angel/demon. It was created when a demon and angel fucked. It took Preacher himself and possessed him and now the Saint of Murder is out to kill him along with a lot of other people. It's pretty twisted.

The Walking Dead is self explanatory.

Locke and Key I haven't started yet but I've been wanting to read it.

CHEW is awesome, it's about a cibopath (someone who can get psychic reads by eating something). This means he's spent working and eating flesh to get stories. It's a great read.

Scott Pilgrims kind of dorky and lame but it's not terrible.

N. by Stephen King is sick! It's really one of those stories that make you thing. The artwork is phenomenal in it as well.

Incognito was just a typical hero villain story. This is where the bad guy turns out good.

So yeah, nothing interesting to talk about. I have a lot more things on the way.

Thoughts on AMC's The Walking Dead

I don't want to make this a long blog so I'll keep it short haha.

I thought the first two episodes (possibly 3) were good. I really loved the scene where Rick sees his family, and they realized he wasn't dead.

The other scene that was awesome was when the black guy was popping heads with the rifle after Rick left for Atlanta. They followed the book pretty well until then.

Now following the book is, let's face it, impossible. The comics skip seasons with the turn of the page as to where the show takes it day by day. I think the comics had a little bit more gore, and of course less cursing. Merle Dixon did drop the N word, but that's not considered a curse.

I don't know how I feel about the ending. Season 2 could go a lot of places. I don't think it was smart giving the first season just 6 episodes. I think they tried to cram somethings but at the same time it was lacking.

SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!

Whoa I added color to my page. I guess I'd give it 3.5 brains out of 5. I love zombie stuff, and all of the survival strategizing. This show had potential. I hope the 2nd season is better.

Maybe it was the acting??!?!?!?

I'm writing another blog.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December to Dismember

Wow no posts in December?!?! I've been lacking in any kind of news and I apologize. I've just been extremely busy with the holiday season coming up. I'm probably one of the worst Christmas shoppers in the world. I never know what to get anyone. This year I started earlier than normally... by like a day or two haha. I guess I just want to be clever about it and not disappoint people.

ANYWAYS! I'd like to address the post I put up on my Zombie Digest Blog status the other day. It was a Chuck Klosterman piece for the New York Times about zombies, pop culture, and his brilliant mind and how he uses it. I've read parts of Klosterman's, "Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs". It was funny at parts, and I wish were able to finish it. I don't know where the book is haha.


I gotta finish the article too . I was half asleep when I saw it so. That'll be for another post.

So after 9-10 years, I finally watched the first Lord of the Rings. It was on Netflix and I was absolutely bored so I started to watch it. I know it's not horror movie related, but I have to say that the orcs in that movie were pretty bad ass looking. It wasn't CGI and whoever did the make up effects on them made them creepy as hell. Overall the movie was better than what I had expected. Frodo is a little bitch by the way. He was given sword and still got his ass kicked. Aragorn and Gimli were cool though.

I have some posts coming up. I'll get to them eventually.

Some things that I'm posting soon:

- The Walking Dead Season Finale/Future.
- Slashumentary I found on Netflix review.
- Graphic novel N. by Stephen King review.
- Cool shit for Christmas.
- You've Got Dead on You awesomeness.

And I'm sure I'll find other shit to talk about and bore you all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Harry Potter a horror movie yet? No? Oh well, too bad!

Yes that's a serious question!

Deathly Hallows definitely sounds like it could have something horror ish, to it, right? I didn't read the books although I wanted to. I was too busy doing important things like beating every Silent Hill game or Resident Evil game known to man. Resident Evil 1, 2 and 5 are the only ones I ever finished haha.

What gets me is that the movie Twilight shares the horror section with many other classics at any place that sells DVD's. Horror? Twilight? NO! I've complained about this before and it just annoys me! Like when I found all the JAWS movies in the action section at Best Buy and had a 3 minute argument with an employee who apparently took his half ass stock boy job of perfecting the genre of movies way too seriously. Jaws isn't an action movie you shit head. There's really only one action packed scene. Quint goes down in Jaws' is mouth, Brody stuffs Jaws' mouth with scuba tank, Brody shoots scuba tank, shark goes KABOOM, and chunks of shark meat sink to the bottom of the ocean.

btw... jobs at Best Buy are cool, but you suck if you can't label movies!

Is anyone interested in ghosts? I'm starting a ghost rant.

All my life I've been fascinated with the paranormal. I know the term "paranormal" stretches for miles in meanings but the meaning for me would just be ghosts. A lot of times people see things that are unexplainable and assume that it could have been a ghost, or something else. I know there's skeptics out there who just don't believe in anything like that. If they seen something that was completely unexplainable they'd think of a million different things before they'd say it was a ghost. Maybe because 99% of the things they were thinking of have been proven to be real? Whatever, I believe in ghosts and over the years I've had my fair share of unexplainable happenings.

I'd like to share some with you.

...this is where you'll probably stop reading haha.

-When I was young, around 8 or 9 years old I had always sensed something in my house. I know that a few yards back behind my house they had found a dead body from the town of Newark. They even named the hill, Dead Mans Hill. When I would wake up like early in the mornings I always looked out my back window to see if it was raining, snowing, sunshine, etc... There were times where I would see a black figure walking. Maybe it was because I had just woken up and my eyes weren't fully functioning, I dunno. BUT, there were also times where I'd be watching television downstairs and all of a sudden hear typing on my computer. The back room is the furthest place towards the backyard where I had seen the figure. There were often times where the printer would go off by itself too. The weird thing was is that nothing was even turned on. Back in the day we had one of these boards where you connected the the printer, monitor, mother board, and anything else in that area to it so all you had to do was hit one button to power everything up.

-My family and I have a tradition? every year where we go camping in Virginia. I did this the first 18 years of my life. We all stopped going after my grandmother passed away, but our last year there, we saw something we still talk about to this day. About 8 years ago we were in Virginia at a campground called Cherrystone. The whole area surrounding this campground wasn't a packed area. It was really low income housing, there were maybe few neighborhoods and a little town with a lawn shop, pharmacy, restaurant, and a food store. I guess you could say it was a poor town. The campsite itself looked way nicer. The people in the surrounding towns were so generous. Some of the nicest people I'd ever meet. It's not like arrogant pricks in Jersey, these Virginian people had manners, and treated you with respect and kindness. We would always take rides down the back roads of the Cheriton town. There were a lot of old creepy looking buildings and schools that were just abandoned. The one day we drove down the back road. This was a longggggg road. We ended up on this court which made it easier to turn around. There were these really old houses. They all had watch towers in them but they looked like they had been painted up nicely to look new. I'm guessing since it was by the Chesapeake Bay, that it was probably a port for the people that lived there at one time. We were leaving the court street thingy and we saw an old lady in her backyard watering flowers. She was just standing there, and she looked pretty strange. She had grey skin and it honest to God looked like she didn't have eyes. Maybe they were small and squinty, I dunno. But we all looked at each other for a split second and when we looked back, she was gone. She literally vanished into nothing. There were no doors close enough for her to fly into like speedy Gonzalez. That was one of the eeriest things I had ever seen. Also down the road from that place is an abandoned school where kids were murdered over racism. Happened in the 60's I believed.

Weird things! But I believe in what I saw.

I'm making a horror movie called Purehell. It's about a hand sanitizer that's going to turn people into zombies. Get it? Purell, Purehell? No? That's kind of retarded, I know.

I just bought the Undead Nightmare download for the Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 game and it's quite awesome! It is a zombie game, and it's pretty much Grand Theft Auto in midwestern times, with a zombie outbreak. If only they could do GTA V as a zombie apocalypse in New York. Imagine that? The weapons cheat + car cheat + missions + hordes and hordes of zombies + the amount of free time I'll force my self to have to play this kind of game = boring life... YESSSSSSSSSSSS I RULE!!!

I had more to write but I think I'll save that for Wednesday or Thursday for my Spectacular Turkey Thanksgiving Survival Rundown. I'll give you a full serving of 4 different survival tips around thanksgiving...

who the hell am I to be giving people tips about ANYTHING?!?!?!?!

enjoy and keep surviving.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This shit is shorter than Gary Coleman

Is there anything I really want to talk about?

Just spent 3 awesome, funtacular, expensive days in Atlantic City. As I was sitting at the Black Jack table I glanced at the cashier section, then I looked at my surroundings... it was then I realized that this casino is full of living, non flesh eating, normal human beings. I was temped to pick up a chair and use it was a weapon. I walked around every slot machine to see if there was a bunch of $100 bills on the ground. There were no swords or guitars on the walls. Plenty of booze though.

And that is how you know I've played Dead Rising 2, too much.

So hopefully everyone has been watching the AMC series, "The Walking Dead". I'm madly in love. Everything about this show captures the beginning volumes of the comic book series. I just got done watching episode 2 and I was a bit confused. In the scene where Rick and Glenn cover themselves in blood, guts, flesh, limbs, etc... I didn't know that was in the beginning. I thought that was later on in the story where Glenn and Rick realize that they were running low on ammo so they went into town. I guess the TV show is trying to cram certain things into one episode but yet they're taking more than two episodes to for Rick to find Lori and Carl. Who cares, right? The show is fucking awesome and I love it. They're releasing Vol. 13 the day before Thanksgiving. I hate waiting!

I tried getting room 1408 in the hotel room and the front desk lady acted all retarded when I told her my reason.

ME: There's a movie based on a Stephen King short story called 1408 where people go into the room and end up killing themselves... no one ever makes it out alive.

Front Desk Wench: Ummm... okay... wellllllll that room is taken. I apologize for your personal requests not being met. There is a 14008, but that will not be ready until around 3 pm... I don't know if it's suicide free.

ME: Just give me the fastest room in the Marina tower.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween


Ok so this Halloween morning I have the Ewok Celebration song stuck in my head from Return of the Jedi. Some video on youtube that some guy made a new song for it... I dunno.

So it's Halloween! I thought about how awesome today could be, cause it definitely can't be as bad as last years Halloween. Last year at around 11 am, a tree fell and struck our front porch and completely totaled it. We didn't really care and figured we'd call someone that coming Monday to take a look at it, but our neighbors thought differently and made some calls. In a matter of minutes the fire department and police were at our house and screaming for everyone to get out. We took our time haha. The tree actually knocked down electrical wires and they were swinging and hanging near trees. We were in a hotel for a few days and all. Definitely a scary moment.

Every single year there's one costume that EVERYONE has. For the longest time period of time there was a HUGE amount of people dressing up as Spiderman. It just wasn't the kids either. I seen parents, grandparents, dogs, gerbils, guinea pigs, high school kids, and all dressed up as Spidey. Thankfully that whole charade has ended. A lot of kids like to dress up as the Dark Knight or something from Pokemon (still). Hell If I could go as Bulbasaur or Squirtle I would but I definitely don't think they make those costumes in my size.

This year I think were gonna see a lot of Avatards trick or treating. A big cloud of people in blue-ish suits. This is a good and bad thing. It's bad because it's probably the only costume I'll see (slow trick or treating area) but it's good cause now I get to hand out candy in 3D!!! I got my goggles ready to go! Hopefully it's the last year we see anyone dressed as that dumb bastard from SAW. What's his name? Candy Cane? Oh no wait, that's from Joy Ride... fuck, I can't think of his name... Oh and I hope no one goes as the Dark Knight Joker. That got out of hand the past few years.


Go figure, it's Jigsaw!

One costume that's pretty cool is the Ghostbusters costume. I see a lot of people being Ghostbusters and they have their blow up proton pack with the gun. That's a really cool costume except I wish they had a more plastic toy like proton pack instead of a pool float like thing.

Last but not least lets talk about the candy and all that is sweet! I will say this to those who still trick or treat or have kids they take trick or treating... It's an absolute myth to go trick or treating in rich neighborhoods. They give out the crappiest candy and they don't give out any money haha. I tried with my friends when I was younger every halloween. Stick to your neighborhoods and the people you know.

Shit I forgot to see if my house was egged!

Well I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Cause after today hits november and it's the countdown to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and for me my Mom's birthday on January 9th. Money is crucial right now haha. I'm still going to Atlantic City next weekend though.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Time I'll Ever Talk About this Movie, I Promise!

Ok so this is the last time I will ever talk about "Night of the Demons". As I've said many times before, that the remake was coming out, it had Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong, and the main character chick from Freddy vs. Jason. I don't really care to Google her name right now, but I'm sure if you really wanted to know, you'd find out on your own haha.

See I'm open to a lot of things, especially remakes. Hell, I just gave the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street a decent review when most people probably hated it.

With "Night of the Demons" it's hard to put down and criticize it especially with all the thingamabobbers that come along with it. (I'm trying to be professional here with my writing and I'm failing miserably haha). Everything in the new movie is a 110% upgrade from the original. I think that's expected especially since it's been a little bit less than 20 years since the first one was made.

THE ACTING: The acting is better, and that's not saying much. Even with Edward Furlong, Monica Keena (that's her name!), and well...Shannon Elizabeth (who was only a good actress when she played a foreign exchange student and showed her boobs) the acting is still mediocre. Edward Furlong seems like he plays himself in this movie. Monica Keena does a pretty good job, and Shannon Elizabeth does a pretty good job of being the hostess, drunk, slutty, hooking up with girls, evil Angela part. The female actresses weren't that great and the actors were decent. Eh, didn't help the movie.

THE CHARACTERS: They did a good job with the characters. I believe there was a cameo with the original lipstick tit lady who wore the doo wop dress in the original. It's in the beginning when the kids are trick or treating. I was mad they didn't have the fat obnoxious guy with the bad quotes.

THE MAKE UP: Amazing work with the make up and design on the demons. They gave me the fucking willies haha. They made Angela look like Maurice from Little Monsters with a white face haha. HORNS AND ALL. Thankfully they didn't use CGI unless they made their faces turn into the demons on camera. Other than that big props the make up crew. (It's essential to have a good make up crew in a horror movie. The more realistic it looks without computers, the scarier it is.)

THE PLOT/STORY LINE: They stuck with the original story line for the most part. They changed the name of the house to the Broussard House? or something close to that. In the original it was called the Hull house, which I liked better. There was a better handle on the party there. It was $10 at the door and open bar... That's it? Really? I'm going to next years for that price haha. It baffled me that they were able to hook up stereo equipment, a bar, lights and have a HUGE party in a place that was abandoned. It wasn't an abandoned funeral home though, which I thought would have been cooler than a place where a girl just hung herself.

Yes I have different formats for rating movies haha. DON'T JUDGE ME!

I guess if you're bored one day, and have nothing to do, and someone calls you up and starts talking about how bored they are. Then you guys realize you can be bored together and do something boring. You guys go out for a walk and see a guy riding his bike. He flips his bike, lands in a ditch, and this dvd flys out of his bike basket and into your hands. That DVD is Night of the Demons. You don't see the guy for 10 minutes and you assume he's injured or just walking away. Now your friends like, "Hey want to go watch this movie? There's really nothing else to do on a Sunday night at 7 pm when all the malls are closed and we're both broke". Finally you say... "Fine". If that ever happens to you, then watch it. Want to see the nude scenes you pervs? Just Google them and save the money.

THE END of this movie

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake: My Outburst/It's Okay, everyone cries

So the title has nothing to do with what I'm about to write. There is no outburst, and I'm pretty sure that no one is going to be crying. Even if I did cry, crying is okay. What the fuck am I talking about?

OKAY, so I got a chance to see the remake of, "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Before I saw this movie, I was part of the whole skeptical group of old school Freddy fans, and didn't care to see the remake especially if Robert Englund wasn't playing Freddy. I was 100% sure that no one in this entire world was able to pull of the boogeyman other than Mr. Englund. Some movie parts are just made for one person. Once those shoes are filled, it's really unlikely that you're going to find anyone else who can do the job just the same. It's like when Michael Keaton played Batman. I was so used to him being the Dark Knight, and then assholes like Val Kilmer and George Clooney came along and destroyed it. Kilmer wasn't terrible, but Michael Keaton was the fucking man.

There's an overwhelming trend in movies today where old school classics are being reborn constantly. It's definitely struck the horror scene more so than any other genre. There's also a common trend in a lot of the old school horror fans hating on the remakes. I'm pretty much a self proclaimed hater on most horror remakes.


THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: I didn't hate it, thought it was just okay. I really enjoyed Robert Lee Emery's part as the Sheriff. That guy is awesome.

FRIDAY THE 13: Sucked. I can't believe I bought that movie. I got the box set for Christmas last year and that eased the pain.

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR: I thought this movie was actually pretty good. I'm a fan of the Amityville legend, and that movie definitely fit in.

THE CRAZIES: This movie wasn't terrible. I'm pretty happy I downloaded it over spending the $20 on blu-ray. It's definitely a movie to watch if you haven't seen the original. The plot is cool especially with the whole plane in the marsh thing.


For once in my life, I really don't have anything negative to say except... why is Freddy all of a sudden a fucking pedophile? Like through out the movie they made it clear as fucking day that he did sexual things with Nancy when she was 5 years old. Apparently Wes Craven wanted to make him a rapist in the original movie but ended up not doing it due to current world issues at the time. I think it kind of puts a bad name on Freddy in a way. I liked it the way it was when he was just a child murderer, and the he killed all these kids.

I won't say I'm a fan of the remake but I definitely won't put it down. The dude who played the new Freddy had big shoes to fill and I gotta say he did a decent job. Freddy's new look is kind of down syndromish? Don't mean to offend anyone, but that's just the unintentional ignorant impression that I got. The voice was awesome. There were a few jokes here and there, but overall it wasn't terrible.

Of course the no name actors and actresses led to some mediocre acting.

Don't ignore the movie if you're a fan of the old one. It's not even that long. Rent it on Netflix, Blockbuster, iTunes, whatever. No one says you have to buy it.

It was definitely better than the Friday the 13th remake, that is totally for sure.

So I was Googling horror movie remakes that are coming up, and I'm kind of shocked at what I found.


CHILDS PLAY: I've talked about this before. I think it's a good idea. The dude who does Chuckies voice is returning and that's pretty much all that matters with this remake. I feel as if Child's Play was cheated out of good sequels. The first two movies were the only ones watching. The rest of them were just made to make some money. I think a remake and a darker story can really turn that Good Guy Doll into a murdering masterpiece. The horror scene needs a good thrasher story. Let's hope they do it.

EVIL DEAD: Yes and no... I'm gonna say no. A big no. Chances are Bruce won't be back to play his young gorgeous Ash character... If it ain't Bruce, it ain't happening.

THE GATE: Are you kidding me? That movie is fine right where it is. Those little monkey goblinites that come from that little hole cannot be replace with computer digitalized cgi monkey goblinites... fuck no to this!

PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS: Loved this movie as a kid. Just watched it a few months back. It definitely doesn't need to be remade... leave it alone.

POLTERGEIST: This is probably number 32 on the Worst Ideas of All Time list. This movie was more than just a story line. The actors and actresses had such unique roles that trying to find people that share the same unique characteristics is going to take a life time. Who's gonna play the midget psychic lady? or Carol Ann? or Kane? All of those people had something eerie about them.

SCREAM: So let me get this rumor straight. On the interwebs, it says that they are not only making a new Scream, but it's going to be a whole new reboot starring the same actors? How does that work? Why was Scream even considered a horror movie to begin with? Fuck that. I hated the Scream movies. Fuck you and don't make anymore. STOP! Okay I'm done with this.

Now the last movie that's in the works of being rebooted is a movie that I have grown up with and loved for a very long time. I'm talking about the movie IT starring Tim Curry as the evil Pennywise the dancing clown. Why does this movie need a remake? That's a good question! If you ask me, I'd say you're fucking retarded. The one and only thing about the movie/book was at the end when he turns into a fucking Spider. That pissed me off. All of this clown evilness and it ends up just being one big ugly fucking spider. But I guess that's what makes the movie so... different? Besides, Jonathan Brandis is in that movie. Don't piss on his legacy haha. LEAVE IT ALONE!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I woke up this morning and opened up my window to get a feel for the air. As soon as I opened it, I got this nice cool breeze that brought the smell of dead leaves, bare trees, and all the other ingredients that lets my nose and body know it's almost halloween.

The month of October my state of New Jersey really comes alive. During this month, New Jersey has all kinds of things to do. Of course there's pumpkin picking, hay rides/haunted or just regular, haunted houses, etc... The Weird New Jersey magazine alway comes out in October so there's always new material to read up on and go visit (I know people know about the Weird US and Weird books but the whole "Weird" books started off in New Jersey. Hence the name, Weird NJ. We don't get books, just really thick magazines haha). A lot of the time visiting the horror places from the Weird NJ magazine gets you in trouble with the cops but it's usually no more then a, "Please go home and stop stalking the neighborhood". I guess it's kind of suspicious to be 2 hours away from home, driving through back roads in a town we've never heard of at 1 a.m. But I'm not gonna lie, the thrill is worth the ride.

October for me also means that I'm busting out the horror movies. I mean with me they're always out but this is when my friends get into the halloween spirit and we watch all kinds of movies. It's usually the classics that get played more, but I think this year I need to get situated with the SAW movies. I've only seen SAW 1 and SAW 2. I never really took the time to watch the other 20 SAW movies but I think they're gonna make the cut this October (that's a good slasher movie saying, "They're gonna make the CUT, MUAHAHAHAH). Ok that's enough. Also I want to get the new Nightmare on Elm Street dvd as well as the Night of the Demons remake(I talk about that movie too much). Last year the movie event at my house was the SHINING!!! Great times. I hope all of you have horror moviethon.

Unfortunately my township has been lacking in the halloween spirit, and rarely show any kinds of halloween life around here. Don't me wrong Jersey is full of Halloween spirit but not really in my area. We don't get as many trick or treaters as we used to. My streets used to be flooded with halloween decorations and trick or treaters. Kids would start trick or treating from the time they got out of school all the way until 11 p.m. at night. Now were lucky if we get any trick or treaters before 5 p.m. There are a lot of mixed ethnicities and cultures in our area now where none of them believe or celebrate the halloween festivities. It kind of sucks. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing these people but I think some parents and others take this holiday a bit to seriously. I don't let them ruin it for me though.

I'm gonna take pictures and videos of this month on the blog of all the places we visit. Anything Halloween related will definitely be posted.

I love this month!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Walking Dead: Book 1 Review

So after reading book 1 of The Walking Dead I have to say that I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting into this graphic novel sooner. I was never able to get my self fully into comics and graphic novels at an earlier age. My friends were not really into them so I never was properly introduced and shown the ropes. I loved watching cartoons of comic book heroes like: X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, etc... but I figured getting into the comic books wouldn't be worth it, especially if I wanted to start from the beginning. There are all kinds of authors, artists, and it just seemed like a lot to follow.

The Walking Dead sparked interest in me when a friend of mine posted a video trailer for the show that's coming out on AMC on Halloween. It kind of reminded me of the 28 Days Later plot.

The book that I've been providing links and pictures of is Book 1. Now there are technically two book ones for this series. There is Book 1 which is the first story, which consists of the first six comics. Then there's book 1 which is the first two stories which consists of comics 1-12. It's really weird to explain how they do it. I guess a little bit of research won't help haha. But it's simple. I rather not explain fully because I'm more than likely to get you over confused with something so little.

I ordered the hard cover book 1 and said I was ordering 1 and 2, but I didn't I wanted to see how the first book went and now I'm kicking myself in the ass. I'm probably going to start buying the individual stories to collect the books as one instead of combining two books in one. The soft covers are the individual stories and the hard covers have cool concept art at the end.

The Walking Dead is a very well written graphic novel. It's a story of survival during a zombie apocalypse. During the first two stories, "Days Gone By" and "Miles Behind Us". The story kind of gives me a Romero feeling. It's not a comical or happy kind of story. It's got a lot of fucked up things going on, and some incidents that surprise you.

The main character is Rick. Rick is a cop who gets shot and falls unconscious and wakes up in a hospital bed. After calling for help, he gets out of his bed only to find out that in his area of the hospital, he is alone. Eventually Rick goes on to find out that not only is the hospital abandoned, but his whole town is as well.

Rick goes back home to find his wife and kid, and they're gone too. Ricks main goal is to find his wife and son, and he won't stop at it until he does.

Rick is the good guy. He kind of reminds of Jack from Lost. He's always trying to do good and help out. If you have or have not read it, you'll eventually see what I mean.

The artwork is awesome even though it's in black and white.

I can't wait to pick up some more books and read them. It's one of those zombie stories where you get a great dosage of drama, action, great artwork and forth. Hopefully the show doesn't stray away from the stories. The stories are definitely good enough and should not be tampered with.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nothing Interesting Today

Let's take a minute to ask ourseves... "Do I have a plan for ZA?"

Sure, it's simple to say that were gonna rob a gun store and get an infinity amount of ammo, and just spray the shit out of some zombies with an AK or a shotgun. Unfortunately that's not how it's going to go at all. In fact, I think it's time for our fellow zombie people to start thinking more creatively than just using guns. We play video games like Dead Rising, we watch movies like Shaun of the Dead, we read all of the zombie novels out there, and we listen to zombie podcasts like You've Got Dead on You. A lot of these media's teach us how to destroy zombies in more unique ways. Search your house for useless things that can be turned into something that can penetrate zombie flesh.


Seriously though...

Gather friends and/or family and then plan this out.


READING THIS: The Walking Dead: Book One

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombie Ants are the Walking Dead!!!!!!!!!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa long time no blog!!!! Sorry guys! I've been busy with some things and yet again been feeling under the weather. I'm feeling pretty good right now so that's all that matters. I've never gone this long (17 days haha) without blogging something.

~There's oh so much to talk about~

Dead Rising 2

I've talked a lot about this game in the past and I was highly anticipating the games release at the end of August. Wellllllllllllll apparently I was completely uninformed that the game was pushed back one more month. Instead of it being released August 31st, it was going to be released on September 28th. BUT, on August 31st they had released a downloadable content called DEAD RISING 2 CASE ZERO for the Xbox 360 (don't know about PS3). This was pretty bad ass. It's not just a demo, it's a full blown game that parts with the actual game that comes out in a few weeks. I was in zombie destroying heaven. The cool thing is, you can create weapons. I took a bat and some nails and made like a Hellraiser Pinhead bat. There's also circular saws that you can throw that can take out a few zombies depending where you throw it. I also got my hands on a drill bit. YES! A fucking drill bit! Unfortunately I didn't fully play the game. I played about 5 minutes of it before I had to go cater to some friends who kept begging me to jump on Call of Duty.

Now just like any popular franchise game that comes out, there's always going to be a special edition or collectors edition with awesome cool accessories that I'm probably never going to need but it's cool to have them anyway kind of thing. Well Dead Rising 2 has 3 different collectors edition sets but only 2 are worth talking about.

Zombrex Collectors Edition

The Zombrex Collectors Set Comes With:

  • Exclusive Two-Disc Steelbook case includes:
    • Dead Rising 2 game disc
    • High-Definition game disc with 83 Minute "Zombrex Dead Rising Sun" motion picture and 24 minute "Making of" featurette
  • Complete box contents include:
    • Steelbook case (described above)
    • Zombrex "Syringe" pen
    • Zombrex "Prescription" notepad (25 pages)
    • Zombrex "Safety" card
    • Zombrex "Prospectus" Sales Brochure (16 pages)
    • Dead Rising 2 Hardback Artbook (48 pages)


    • Dead Rising® 2 for your PS3 or Xbox 360

    • Custom Fortune City Poker Set including:
      • Custom matte black Fortune City Poker Case
      • 100 Fortune City Poker Chips in 4 different colors
      • 2 sets custom blood-stained Fortune City Playing Cards featuring character art
      • 1 blood stained Dealer Chip
      • 5 green Dice
    • Fortune City Visitor Map including ads for Fortune City locations and attractions
    • 1 Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket with code for exclusive Psycho DLC
      costume and skills set
    • One Dead Rising® 2 High Stakes Edition includes a special "golden" ticket redeemable for Burt The Zombie - a 6’ OxMox zombie replica!!
    I ordered both box sets because I'm a fool and I need cool things like poker chip sets and syringe pens. I'll eventually sell one of my Xbox 360 games to someone without all the cool things that come with it.

    Zombrex Collectors Edition is at

    High Stakes Edition is at

    The Earliest Evidence of Zombies

    By Rebecca L. Brown

    Evidence of ‘zombie ants’ dating back forty eight million years has been identified from the Rhine Rift Valley, Germany. The evidence, a series of cuts on fossilised leaves which were recently uncovered by researchers, match those made by modern carpenter ants infected with the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis. This parasitic fungus enters the ants as spores and then alters their behaviour to further it’s own spread and growth before killing off the host and producing more spores. Infected ants bite into the undersides of leaves in specific locations, a behaviour which does not seem to occur in uninfected ants.

    Find out more about these ancient zombie ants and their modern counterparts at
    This Halloween is going to be a very very good one. I was recently informed by a friend that there's going to be a Walking Dead television series. Honestly being the horror fan that I am, I was kind of unfamiliar with the whole Walking Dead comics/books/graphic novels (whatever you want to refer to them as).

    Then I saw this

    As soon as I saw that, I ordered this


    Book One has the first 12 issues, and Book Two has 13-24. I'll eventually order the others but of course, I'll start off with these.

    Well that's it for now guys.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shooting Zombies in VEGAS!!!!

Hello fellow friends!!!!!!!!!

Just a real quick post here. If you're a Youtube channel internetard like I am, then you'd probably know who Charles Trippy and Ali Speed (aka Internet Killed Television). I've been a fan of these guys for a little over a year now and just recently they took a trip to Las Vegas for Alli's 21st birthday party. While they were down there, they came across this gun shop that had all kinds of cool guns you could shoot. They had the average guns we know of to high tech guns, and guns dating all the way back from World War 2! In the shooting range they let you pick a gun package and your own target to shoot at! There were tons of zombies, zombie clowns, murderers, terrorists, etc... but of course being the professionals that they are, they chose the zombie package!

Watch below!!!

Definitely looks like a good time, and I'm definitely hitting that place up when I go to Las Vegas. It just might be the only chance I'll ever get to take a shot at a zombie... til the apocalypse comes!!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Friday the 13th's aren't as cool as they used to be though. I remember back in the day (early 90's era) when they used to play a lot, and I mean A LOT of horror movies on all channels to celebrate Friday the 13th. I mean some people think it's only fitting to watch the Friday the 13th movies, but not me.

I'll throw a quick random list out there for you, maybe to help you mix it up a bit!

This was a cool movie I picked up at Blockbuster video back when it was cool to rent vhs tapes. It's a little under budgeted but it has Clint Howard (Ron Howards brother) in it and that guy is awesome. He's played in like 300 something movies I think... I dunno, but check this movie out if you can.

The sequel to Sam Raimi's first amazing movie, The Evil Dead. The reason I picked the 2nd one is because it's my personal favorite of the 3 movies, and it introduces you to the chainsaw hand, and it's the prequel to Army of Darkness.

It looks like I'm picking sequels here haha. I'm not! I thought the first Poltergeist was the best of the 3 but the 2nd movie has Kane. Kane is the evil man with the big toothy grin who's always walking along the sidewalks singing some song. He eventually goes to the house and wants to see Carol Ann but of course they make him leave. And how could you not be creeped out by that midget lady?

I don't think I need to explain this movie at all. This was an awesome movie to watch on Friday the 13th. It never gets old. Klowns from outer space, killing people, and stuffiing them into human size cotton candy bags. AWESOME!

Ok I wasn't making this mini list without a zombie movie. It's debatable whether or not you'd want to consider these creatures zombie like, but all I'm saying is the kid who put a bullet through his head comes back haha. Whatever, this movie seems like it's been sitting on the shelf for a while, and it's definitely not one to ignore for too long. It's the better movie of the Grindhouse series so give throw it in the mix!

Not the greatest movie selection for a Friday the 13th night but no one said you had to listen to me!!!!

Eyes shrink to pinpoints,
The deeply crimson scent flooding flaring nostrils.
There is a madness in the metallic tang
Which overwhelms her
Swallowing her up.
With numb, uncaring fingers
She claims her prize.

By. Rebecca Brown


So I think I might have posted something on here or on Facebook about a Zombie Walk in the state of New Jersey and I didn't know if it was going to happen or not until my friend showed me a flyer that was being handed out at the Mayhem Festival. Well they're doing a Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey on October 30th. The cool thing about this though is that it's actually all part of "ZombieCon" I think this is the first zombie convention that I've heard of and that's so fucking cool!

Anyways, I requested a single merchandise table even though I'm not selling anything. I was going to set up a table with some free Zombie Digest stickers and buttons if they filled out the mailing list shit and took a flyer. There will eventually be merchandise stuff like that. Hopefully switching this site over to a too. Wouldn't that be friggin sweet? Soon soon soon. I'm just happy to see my state doing something so cool other than womens golfing tournaments and people making a big deal about Snooki sightings.

Until next time


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

UPDATE August 3, 2010


Ok so it's been a while since I did a small update. I did the book review and then I introduced a new writer to our page, Rebecca L Brown. She's a very talented writer and I'm very ecstatic that she's going to be writing and contributing to the page. I originally thought her first post was a created story of her own but it ended being true, which was awesome. It just goes to show that she's writes well.


So I may have or may not have talked about this in the past. If I have just read it again damnit! I don't know if anyone knows about the old 80's and 90's horror film collection called NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2. If you went to blockbuster in the early 90's then you'd know these movies were a smash hit in the horror section. Every week I'd go to rent one and they'd either be gone or the dude at Blockbuster video wouldn't let me rent it because I was only 7 years old.

The first movie was about a bunch of teens who are all dressed up for halloween and are ready to party. They end up choosing an abandoned funeral home called Hull House to throw the party at. The kids start to party, people turn into demons, and people die. That's about it.

There weren't any big named actors except for the blonde chick in the second one. I don't know her name off the bat but she's married to Ben Stiller. The first NOTD seemed low budgeted and poorly shot with terrible voice overs in some spots. BUT!!!! the movie had some awesome make work to it. I eventually watched both on Halloween one year because they played both movies back to back.

ANYWAYS......... They filmed a remake in 2008/2009 and it's finally being released in October. Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) is going to be playing the main demon girl named Angela and Edward Furlong (American History X and Terminator 2) has some kind of role in it as well. I'm hoping the writers stuck with the story and didn't use any cheesy CGI to ruin the movie. Too many movies rely on CGI. There is no word whether it will be released on DVD right away or if it will be put into select theaters. Originally it was supposed to be DVD release but being that they're waiting for October, it could have a theatrical presentation.

Nothing crazy going on right now. I was under the weather for a few weeks with migraines. Long story short, I did something stupid and paid the price. But I'm feeling better so it's fine. Expect some more posts from me soon and definitely Rebecca as well.

btw is anyone going to this in NJ?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clairvius Narcisse; Haitian Zombie?

Clairvius Narcisse; Haitian Zombie?

By. Rebecca L. Brown

Clairvius Narcisse was declared dead on the 2nd May 1962 and yet in 1980 he returned to his home, the village of I’Estere in Haiti with an almost unbelievable story of magic and zombies. Could Narcisse and others like him truly be the walking undead?

After investigating reports of ‘zombies‘ (including Narcisse and a handful of others), researchers believed that Narcisse was given a dose of ’
zombie powder’, a mixture containing tetrodotoxin (pufferfish venom) and bufotoxin (toad venom), by a ‘sorcerer’ to induce a coma which mimicked the appearance of death. He was then allowed to return to his home where he collapsed, ‘died’ and was buried. His body was then recovered and he was given doses of datura stramonium to create a compliant zombie-like state and set to work on a plantation. After two years, the plantation owner died and Narcisse simply walked away to freedom and spent the next sixteen years of his life trying to return home.

It was explained that Narcisse had broken one of many traditional behavioural codes and was made into a ‘zombie’ as a punishment; when questioned, Narcisse told investigators that the sorcerer involved had ‘taken his soul’.

But was any of this true? Traces of ‘zombie powder’ presented for analysis were found to contain varying amounts of tetrodotoxin; whilst some samples could have caused death-like comas, others were unlikely to have had the reported effect or indeed any effect at all.

The original researchers argued that cultural beliefs played a role in reinforcing the action of the chemicals. In Haitian culture, there is a widespread belief in the existence of zombies. Narcisse reported that he had heard doctors declare him dead and had been aware of being buried and exhumed. If all evidence suggested he was a zombie, why should he believe any differently? It is impossible to confirm Narcisse’s story but it would seem likely that creating a zombie-like state would be possible through the processes described.

Would ‘zombies’ created in this way be classed as undead though? As Narcisse was never actually dead in the first place, only unconscious, the answer is no. The Haitian ‘zombies’, then, were never truly reanimated despite their return from beyond the grave.

Rebecca L. Brown is a British writer. She specialises in horror, SF, humour, surreal and experimental fiction, although her writing often wanders off into other genres and gets horribly lost. For updates and examples of Rebecca’s work, visit her Twitter page @rlbrownwriter or her blog Bewildering Circumstances ( )

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying Alive. BOOK REVIEW

Where do I even begin with such greatness? I was given a copy of Dr. Dale's Zombie Dictionary to do a review on, and I was completely blown the fuck away. This book consists of every little nook and cranny about what it takes to survive in the up and coming zombie apocalypse. There are books circulating all over the world with the similar topic, but I truly feel none of them hit the topic harder, and are more accurately structured than Dr. Dale's book.

Dr. Dale did an amazing job with the words he chose for his guide. You're going to find a lot of unique things when it comes to the mind of Dr. Dale. I liked the humor and pop culture references that occasionally pop up. "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONNEEE!!!" (haha totally kidding). The references added to the awesomeness of this book. There are a lot of words in here that you wouldn't expect like: Spiderman Zombies. Do you know what that is? I didn't know what that meant until I read the book. Am I going to tell you? No, order the book!!! Another personal favorite word of mine was: YMCA. Probably one of the most brilliant things I've ever read in my life.


One of the things I liked about this book was the information given. Dr. Dale doesn't just give you a word and a definition. He breaks down every word and includes as much information and knowledge as possible. He breaks down every possibility of survival and gives you a buffet of options. As an American, it's obvious we love buffets! In all seriousness though, I find mind self hanging up my machines guns, and I'm going to start stocking up on peanuts and training sheep. I know now to never try and hide in a kangaroos pouch during the apocalypse.

In all honesty you can't go wrong with this book. There's no way this book gets shelved especially when the zombie apocalypse can hit any time. I read this book twice and both times I was laughing, and other times I was so focused on what I was reading because that's how powerful this book is. Yeah it's a humorous book, but Dr. Dale sets the line and presents you with a legit survival guide. There are no made up infections in this book. He takes knowledge and gives you the facts. You won't find this in your fiction section folks.

I recommend this book to whomever reads this blog. I'm serious, I can almost guarantee it that this will be your new favorite book. It's my new favorite book! So that means it will be yours too!

Thanks to the guys over at How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse for giving me a chance to review Dr. Dale's book.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Ideal Zombie

I want my zombie to be slow moving.

I want my zombie to have its arms stretched out forward so it's easier to grab me.

I want my zombie to have a vocabulary. This vocabulary will consist of one word... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS!

I want my zombie to be created by some zombie making gas, or some kind of experiment gone terribly wrong.

I want my zombie to be evil looking and deadly.

I don't want my zombie to have a high metabolism.

I want my zombie to die with one bullet through the brain.

I want my zombie to be able to smell living flesh.


Check the links in the sidebar.

You've Got Dead On You just recently popped episode number 14 for download, and they've been doing all kinds of things that let the listeners get involved which is really cool. Go give them a listen!

There are a lot of Facebook sites on the right of the page. One of the groups has a lot of people involved in the zombie fan mayhem and that's Zombie Apocalypse Preparation. Non Practical is a well spoken leader/mentor for the ones who care to survive. NP covers every ground of survival so you don't forget!

Also, I am almost done with Drs. Zombie Dictionary. I had a problem with printing it before and it took a while for Staples to turn it into print form for me cause it was so big. So finally I will have the review... finally... soon!

keep surviving.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Edison Zombie Walk

So I've been thinking about getting a zombie walk together in my township. I'm sure there are ones around the area, and I'm sure they're great, but I don't care to look haha. I want one in my township of Edison. I got my pen and pad and started writing down some ideas of what I can propose to the mayor or whomever I find the right person to send it to. As I'm writing, I realized this is the same dude I wanted to propose a Zombie Apocalypse Plan to a few months ago and worried that he'd probably put me in a looney bin. Regardless, I'm more into getting the zombie walk on and that was my main goal right now. Maybe when I get the zombie walk, I can propose the Edison Plan to him as a joke/serious matter and this way it would fit the character, rather than just another nut bag in his book.

The big problem is, what do I write to him that would even sound slightly convincing?

Dear Mayor,

I wanted to thank you for keeping Edison in tip top shape, and I want to send my condolences for not winning the Democratic race to be our mayor for next year. The big question here is, I wanted to know if you'd be interested in allowing me to form a zombie walk. Thank you.

Then I'd get an interview with him. And this is how it would go.

Mayor: Hi Arthur, how's it going?

Me: Good, gre...

Mayor: (cutting Me off), anyways, I had gotten your letter about the Zombie march?

Me: Zombie walk, it's a walk...

Mayor: (cutting Me off again), whatever it is, it sounds kind of extreme, and violent. what is it?

Me: It's where a bunch of people dress up like zombies, and they walk from destination to destination, kind of just giving people the willy's.

Mayor: Is there a purpose to this?

Me: to have fun?

Mayor: So this is just an irrelevant waste of time?


Haha, okay that wouldn't really be how it happens, but I can imagine just an extreme awkward looks on his face and him possibly saying no. I mean it would make more sense to do it around halloween time to make it even less crazy. My townships really old school and lazy when it comes to township projects.

I'll think of something and invite everyone! I'm sure if I get donations and give them to the township to help them plant another tree somewhere, they'd love it. We don't fix parks, baseball fields, ponds, roadways, or anything that's relevant in this town. Instead, we spend all of our township money on planting a tree somewhere. Two months later, right where that very tree is planted, we knock down the trees anyway and build condominium complex. This town is retarded.

That's all for now, keep surviving.