Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Ideal Zombie

I want my zombie to be slow moving.

I want my zombie to have its arms stretched out forward so it's easier to grab me.

I want my zombie to have a vocabulary. This vocabulary will consist of one word... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS!

I want my zombie to be created by some zombie making gas, or some kind of experiment gone terribly wrong.

I want my zombie to be evil looking and deadly.

I don't want my zombie to have a high metabolism.

I want my zombie to die with one bullet through the brain.

I want my zombie to be able to smell living flesh.


Check the links in the sidebar.

You've Got Dead On You just recently popped episode number 14 for download, and they've been doing all kinds of things that let the listeners get involved which is really cool. Go give them a listen!

There are a lot of Facebook sites on the right of the page. One of the groups has a lot of people involved in the zombie fan mayhem and that's Zombie Apocalypse Preparation. Non Practical is a well spoken leader/mentor for the ones who care to survive. NP covers every ground of survival so you don't forget!

Also, I am almost done with Drs. Zombie Dictionary. I had a problem with printing it before and it took a while for Staples to turn it into print form for me cause it was so big. So finally I will have the review... finally... soon!

keep surviving.

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