Sunday, July 24, 2011

Astral Projections are INSIDIOUS


Yeah I bought the movie on Blu Ray because any movie that claims to be the scariest movie since the Exorcist is making quite a bold statement. Basically what they're saying is that it's been 38 years since anyone has shit their pants while watching a horror flick and I totally disagree.

Wait, do I disagree?

So the film starts off rather slow. I mean I wasn't screaming or crying in the first 5 minutes of the movie, so that fucking movie was slow.

just kidding.


I was easily convinced by one commercial that I wanted to see this movie. Friends had compared it to other films like the Omen, Amityville, Big... just kidding. Not BIG haha. I had liked the Amityville remake a lot and disliked the 5 hour long old version of the movie. This movie ran 97 minutes I believe but felt a bit longer than that.

Upon the opening 10 minutes I kind of had an idea of where this movie was going. Guessing from the cover, the kid was some kind of demon retard with an obsession for Cocoa Puffs. I was dead wrong actually. Long story short, the kid is an astral projector (which is different from nocturnal emissions). This means he leaves his body while he sleeps. The child named Dalton goes a bit too far when he astral projects and enters a dark realm where evil spirits try to possess his body. Since astral projection and outer body experiences are documented by Wikipedia as a real thing, I thought this was a cool concept for a movie.

This movie had its ups and downs. I personally thought there were enough creative ideas that could have turned this movie into something really scary. It seemed like writer and James Wan focused more on the jump scenes than the actual material revolving around the story line.

The make up and design of the dead and creature like people were awesome. The main evil hooved guy kind of reminded me of Darth Maul from the Star Wars movies. I liked the old lady who was apart of Dalton's fathers childhood. You'll see more. The design of everything was perfect.

I don't feel as if the scenes flowed well together. In the beginning it seemed like things just jumped to quickly. When Dalton goes to the hospital I think they said it's been a week since he was in a coma. I think they should have added some haunted scenarios during that week while he was away. I don't know, just my opinion.

I think the music and sounds were awesome in this movie. The music on the record player where the lady sings about tulips and the little boy dancing inside the house really creeped me out. It's on Youtube, it's quite funny and eerie.

The ending was pretty cool. The psychic lady definitely went ape shit on Dalton's father.

So should you see this movie? I don't know what to think of it. It's still running through my mind. I haven't really given a horror movie a chance in a while and this movie was pretty decent. It wasn't perfect. I made a lot of funny comments during the movie cause there were just things you couldn't help but laugh at. Definitely give it a shot.

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