Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where I've been

Well I can't say that I've been completely focused on what I love to do. The past Summer was truly a stressful time for me. Between my mother being sick, grandfather being sick (in which I volunteered to be a caretaker for), trying to graduate college, and just dealing with my diet. I also started doing stand up comedy again and have been doing some shows here and there. I have not gotten the time to watch movies, shows, read books, comics, or anything that I enjoyed doing. But let's face it, it's October and I will definitely have a lot on my plate this month. I am re-reading Dr. Austin's book. I don't know if he reads my blog but I owe that man a book review before he writes another text book haha. I also have a review on FX's American Horror Story episode 1 today (I don't professionally review them of course, I just complain or make fun). I do intend on setting up a horror movie weekend review with my friends every Saturday. I have some creepy pictures that I want to post to the site that I've been taking with my camera. Also, for anyone that is interested, I'll be reviewing the new Weird NJ magazine. I've also thought about reading the Weird series of books like: Weird NJ 1 and 2, Weird Pennsylvania, Weird Ohio, Weird NY etc...

I want to apologize to every single person who reads this blog. Even if it's 4 people, I'm sorry. Things happen and sometimes we don't have full control over it. Never dwell on the negative though. I'm here, I'm writing, and that's all that matters.

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